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How to Care for and Maintain Home Appliances

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Home appliances are things in your house that do everyday tasks for you: washing, drying, cooking, etc. Most of the time, we feel they are ordinary things because they do everyday jobs on the daily and around the clock. We sometimes forget about them and only care for the task they are doing. But not constantly checking on them can cause consequences. The appliances might stop working and you may have to spend more money on their repair.  

Appliances also need some tender loving care. Keeping them well-maintained will mean that they will work longer for you. Here are some tips on how to care for your overachieving appliances: 


  1. Air Conditioner 

A home’s air conditioning system is consists of a condenser and evaporator coils. The condenser is the box with a fan outside your house. The evaporator coils are in your HVAC. For evaporator coils, remove the panel and inspect. Dirt usually builds up but you can simply clean it with a vacuum cleaner. But if there is ice present, then you will need the help of a professional. For the condenser outside, you can simply open the panel and flush it with water to clean the fins and fan inside.  


  1. Water Heater 

Mineral and salt build up can obstruct water to flow continuously. They can also cause the valve to close, hindering it from opening when it needs to. To address this, just open the valve several times a year to prevent build up. You also need to drain the water out of the water heater. This will get rid of the sediment collected in the bottom.  


  1. Dishwasher 

Regularly cleaning the filter at the bottom is important because it’s the one catching larger food bits and preventing them from going directly to the drain hose, which can cause a blockage. Also, getting the water hot before starting is helpful. Hot water will help with faster cleaning. Overloading the dishwasher is not advisable as other dishes might not be thoroughly cleaned and you’ll end up doing round 2.  


  1. Microwave 

Always clean the spills in the microwave if there are any. This will prevent stains and make the next clean up easier. Do not turn on the microwave if it’s empty. The heat inside will seep through the walls instead of in the food. Microwaves are known to give off radiation. Clean the borders of the door properly and regularly so you can be assured that it will securely close when not in use. Always use a soft cloth and avoid hard pads when cleaning as they can cause scratches which may lead to uneven heating inside. 


We all need to care for our appliances. But even when we have done our part, sometimes, damages are unavoidable. Our appliances will need further assistance or repair. When it is beyond our skills, it would be time to call for appliance service St Louis and professionals to help us fix and restore our valued appliances.  

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